Up with the daisies? Serious night-owl vibe? No worries! The beauty of this course is that you choose the time we's ALL about your schedule!
Classes run for 75 minutes. You have one-on-one time with me via phone, skype, or in person. Then choose a Saturday or Sunday session to meet, share words, and discuss! Weekend sessions begin at 2:30pm PST and end at 3:45 pm PST
In and around San Diego? We can meet face-to-face for your session.
Better working with a partner or in a group? Go with the SISTERGIRL Option! ..a session with two or more participants. 


$35 per online session. You may pay session-by-session, or all at once. Payment for the entire eight weeks gets you a 10% discount. Live, in-person sessions are $45 (only available in and around San Diego). Choosing the SISTERGIRL option gets a 5% discount for the group. 
All payments are made via PayPal. 

Ready to rock? Go to the "WELCOME" page and sign up! Become FIRESCRIBE!